nvflare.private.fed_json_config module

class FedJsonConfigurator(config_file_name: str, base_pkgs: [<class 'str'>], module_names: [<class 'str'>], exclude_libs=True, is_server=True, sys_vars=None)[source]

Bases: JsonConfigurator

To init the FedJsonConfigurator.

  • config_file_name – config filename

  • base_pkgs – base packages need to be scanned

  • module_names – module names need to be scanned

  • exclude_libs – True/False to exclude the libs folder

finalize_config(config_ctx: ConfigContext)[source]
process_config_element(config_ctx: ConfigContext, node: Node)[source]
validate_filter_chain(chain: FilterChain)[source]
class FilterChain(chain_type, direction)[source]

Bases: object

To init the FilterChain.

classmethod validate_direction(direction)[source]