nvflare.job_config.fed_app_config module

class ClientAppConfig[source]

Bases: BaseAppConfig

ClientAppConfig represents the ClientApp inside the Job. It holds the BaseAppConfig components and the task executors components data for the ClientApp.

add_executor(tasks: List[str], executor: Executor)[source]
class FedAppConfig(server_app: ServerAppConfig | None = None, client_app: ClientAppConfig | None = None)[source]

Bases: object

FedAppConfig represents the App information inside the Job. It contains either a ServerApp, or a ClientApp, or both of them.

class ServerAppConfig[source]

Bases: BaseAppConfig

ServerAppConfig represents the ServerApp inside the Job. it holds the BaseAppConfig components and the workflow components data for the ServerApp.

add_workflow(cid, controller: Controller)[source]