nvflare.fuel.utils.experimental module


This is a decorator which can be used to mark classes and functions as experimental. It will result in a warning being emitted when the class is used.

# Example of usage:

# Example 1: Use with class inheritance

@experimental(“Because it’s experimental”) class ExperimentalBaseClass:

def __init__(self):

print(“Creating an instance of ExperimentalBaseClass”)

@experimental(“Derived from experimental class”) class ExperimentalClass(ExperimentalBaseClass):

def __init__(self):

ExperimentalBaseClass.__init__(self) print(“Creating an instance of ExperimentalClass”)

# Testing the experimental class experimental_instance = ExperimentalClass() # This should emit two experimental warnings for base and derived class.

# Example 2: Use with functions

@experimental(“Experimental function”) def test_f(a, b):

print(f”hello {a} and {b}”)

# Testing the experimental function test_f(“Adam”, “Eve”) # This should emit an experimental warning for use of the function.