nvflare.app_opt.xgboost.histogram_based_v2.runners.xgb_runner module

class AppRunner[source]

Bases: ABC

An AppRunner implements App (server or client) processing logic.

initialize(fl_ctx: FLContext)[source]

Called by Controller/Executor to initialize the runner. This happens when the job is about to start.


fl_ctx – FL context

Returns: None

abstract is_stopped() -> (<class 'bool'>, <class 'int'>)[source]

Called to check whether the runner is already stopped.

Returns: whether the runner is stopped. If stopped, the exit code.

abstract run(ctx: dict)[source]

Called to start the execution of app processing logic.


ctx – the contextual info to help the runner execution

Returns: None

abstract stop()[source]

Called to stop the runner.