nvflare.app_common.app_defined.shareable_generator module

class AppDefinedShareableGenerator[source]

Bases: ShareableGenerator, ComponentBase, ABC

Init FLComponent.

The FLComponent is the base class of all FL Components. (executors, controllers, responders, filters, aggregators, and widgets are all FLComponents)

FLComponents have the capability to handle and fire events and contain various methods for logging.

learnable_to_shareable(learnable: Learnable, fl_ctx: FLContext) Shareable[source]

Generate the initial Shareable from the Learnable object.

  • model – model object

  • fl_ctx – FLContext



abstract model_to_trainable(model_obj: ~typing.Any) -> (typing.Any, <class 'dict'>)[source]

Convert the model weights and meta to a format that can be sent to clients to do training


model_obj – model object

Returns: a tuple of (weights, meta)

The returned weights and meta will be for training and serializable

shareable_to_learnable(shareable: Shareable, fl_ctx: FLContext) Learnable[source]

Construct the Learnable object from Shareable.

  • shareable – shareable

  • fl_ctx – FLContext


model object

abstract update_model(model_obj: Any, training_result: Any, meta: dict) Any[source]

Update model with training result and meta

  • model_obj – base model object to be updated

  • training_result – training result to be applied to the model object

  • meta – trained meta

Returns: the updated model object