Dynamic Provisioning

In version 2.2, Provisioning in NVIDIA FLARE has been enhanced with two additional options, --add_user and --add_client, added to the nvflare provision command to allow for adding to an existing project. Both of these commands take a yaml file to define the additional participant to provision. Type nvflare provision -h to see the details for the nvflare provision command.

Sample user.yaml for --add_user:

name: new_user@nvidia.com
org: nvidia
role: project_admin

Sample client.yaml for --add_client:

name: new-site
org: nvidia
  resource_manager:    # This id is reserved by system.  Do not change it.
    path: nvflare.app_common.resource_managers.gpu_resource_manager.GPUResourceManager
      num_of_gpus: 0
      mem_per_gpu_in_GiB: 0
  resource_consumer:    # This id is reserved by system.  Do not change it.
    path: nvflare.app_common.resource_consumers.gpu_resource_consumer.GPUResourceConsumer

After running provision with --add_user or --add_client, the new user or client will be included in the prod_NN folder.

To permanently include users or clients, please update the project.yml.