nvflare.tool.package_checker.utils module

class NVFlareConfig[source]

Bases: object

ADMIN = 'fed_admin.json'
CLIENT = 'fed_client.json'
OVERSEER = 'gunicorn.conf.py'
SERVER = 'fed_server.json'
class NVFlareRole[source]

Bases: object

ADMIN = 'admin'
CLIENT = 'client'
SERVER = 'server'
check_grpc_server_running(startup: str, host: str, port: int, token=None) bool[source]
check_overseer_running(startup: str, overseer_agent_args: dict, role: str, retry: int = 3) Tuple[Response | None, str | None][source]

Checks if overseer is running.

check_response(resp: Response | None) bool[source]
check_socket_server_running(startup: str, host: str, port: int) bool[source]
construct_dummy_response(overseer_agent_args: dict) Response[source]
get_required_args_for_overseer_agent(overseer_agent_class: str, role: str) list[source]

Gets required argument list for a specific overseer agent class.

is_dummy_overseer_agent(overseer_agent_class: str) bool[source]
parse_overseer_agent_args(overseer_agent_conf: dict, required_args: list) dict[source]
split_by_len(item, max_len)[source]
try_bind_address(host: str, port: int)[source]

Tries to bind to address.

try_write_dir(path: str)[source]