nvflare.fuel.hci.cmd_arg_utils module

class ArgValidator(name)[source]

Bases: ArgumentParser

Validator for admin shell commands that uses argparse to check arguments and get usage through print_help.


name – name of the program to pass to ArgumentParser

error(message: string)[source]

Prints a usage message incorporating the message to stderr and exits.

If you override this in a subclass, it should not return – it should either exit or raise an exception.

get_usage() str[source]
join_args(segs: List[str]) str[source]
process_targets_into_str(targets: List[str]) str[source]
split_to_args(line: str) List[str][source]
validate_file_string(file: str) str[source]

Returns the file string if it is valid.

validate_options_string(options: str) str[source]

Returns the options string if it is valid.

validate_path_string(path: str) str[source]

Returns the path string if it is valid.

validate_required_target_string(target: str) str[source]

Returns the target string if it exists and is valid.

validate_sp_string(sp_string) str[source]