nvflare.app_common.abstract.model module

The Learnable in the deep learning domain is usually called Model by researchers.

This import simply lets you call the Learnable ‘Model’. Model Learnable is a dict that contains two items: weights and meta info

class ModelLearnable[source]

Bases: Learnable

class ModelLearnableKey[source]

Bases: object

META = 'meta'
WEIGHTS = 'weights'
make_model_learnable(weights, meta_props) ModelLearnable[source]
model_learnable_to_dxo(ml: ModelLearnable) DXO[source]
validate_model_learnable(model_learnable: ModelLearnable) str[source]

Check whether the specified model is a valid Model Shareable.


model_learnable (ModelLearnable) – model to be validated


error text or empty string if no error

Return type: