nvflare.apis.overseer_spec module

class OverseerAgent[source]

Bases: ABC

abstract end()[source]
abstract get_primary_sp() SP[source]

Return current primary service provider.

If primary sp not available, such as not reported by SD, connection to SD not established yet the name and ports will be empty strings.

initialize(fl_ctx: FLContext)[source]
abstract is_shutdown() bool[source]

Return whether the agent receives a shutdown request.

abstract pause()[source]
abstract promote_sp(sp_end_point, headers=None) Response[source]
abstract resume()[source]
abstract set_secure_context(ca_path: str, cert_path: str = '', prv_key_path: str = '')[source]
abstract set_state(state) Response[source]
abstract start(update_callback=None, conditional_cb=False)[source]
class SP(name: str = '', fl_port: str = '', admin_port: str = '', service_session_id: str = '', primary: bool = False, props: dict = <factory>)[source]

Bases: object

admin_port: str = ''
fl_port: str = ''
name: str = ''
primary: bool = False
props: dict
service_session_id: str = ''