Example Applications

NVIDIA FLARE has several examples to help you get started with federated learning and to explore certain features in the examples directory.

The following quickstart guides walk you through some of these examples:

For the complete collection of example applications, see https://github.com/NVIDIA/NVFlare/tree/main/examples.

Custom Code in Example Apps

There are several ways to make custom code available to clients when using NVIDIA FLARE. Most hello-* examples use a custom folder within the FL application. Note that using a custom folder in the app needs to be allowed when using secure provisioning. By default, this option is disabled in the secure mode. POC mode, however, will work with custom code by default.

In contrast, the CIFAR-10, prostate segmentation, and BraTS18 segmentation examples assume that the learner code is already installed on the client’s system and available in the PYTHONPATH. Hence, the app folders do not include the custom code there. The PYTHONPATH is set in the run_poc.sh or run_secure.sh scripts of the example. Running these scripts as described in the README will make the learner code available to the clients.